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598 Property Solutions is a property investment company that is based in North Yorkshire but has the potential to reach across the entire UK. The way we’re able to achieve this through our network of value-based relationships and property professionals. We also have a wide spectrum of investors, some of which are very successful within the property market, commanding multi-million-pound portfolios that are continuously looking for opportunities of portfolio growth. Having such a diverse range of clients puts us in a strong and unique position to serve them and connect them with potential business solutions that meet their respective portfolio visions of success.


A Win-Win Model

Our model is to, through building strong relationships and creating joint-venture, business-to-business partnerships and facilitating on behalf of our clients for a fee, create win-win deals with a view to securing all types of property or land for the best level of return on investment (ROI).

The way we achieve this is, firstly, to conduct extensive due diligence regarding the ‘fit’ of the opportunity for our clients, and determine the output, in terms of financial performance for the investments presented. We know what we are looking for in terms of entry and exit strategies for our clients so have a good feel for how they may stack up.

Secondly, we look to secure plots of land and property at a certain level that is below market value (BMV). By doing so, we create cash on day one for our clients. Thirdly, we add considerable value through developments and refurbishments. We have built up key relationships with high-quality builders that deliver exceptional results to ensure maximum growth in value. This then accumulates in great passive income and fantastic returns for investors.


Putting Clients First

Here at 598 Property Solutions, we are part of an extended group of potential JV partners, who range from purchasing singular homes worth £50,000 - £100,000 to developing modular housing in central London to the tune of around £60million. We regularly meet with our peers and, as a direct result, create opportunities for our respective clients. We personally pride ourselves on empathising with our clients and their current circumstances, while finding ethical solutions to their problems. This is a key element of our business; putting the needs of our clients first.


Creating a Stronger Business

Our net worth is only as strong as our network. We constantly strive to push forward in this area and reach out to individuals and companies that would like to endorse us and work with us, regardless of whether this is from sourcing and sharing information, which results in joint-venture deals being created, or in our stylish refurbishments. We also endeavour to ensure that our wealth and success is shared with charities and organisations within our region.

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